Machine tools at Mold Vision

1 CNC Machining center Haas VF-2
4 CNC Machining center Haas VF-3
1 CNC Machining center Haas VF-5
1 CNC Machining center Haas VF-8
(Note: Latest addition for large molds)
1 CNC Turning center Haas SL-20
Full 3 Axis Surface grinder
Full line of manual equipments

CAD / CAM Systems
at Mold Vision

Solid Works work stations
 Matercam  work station
Cimatron  work station
Visual Mill
Micro Scribe Digitizer
Full line of support measuring devises.

           Materials used:

Mold Vision, Inc. uses only certified aircraft aluminum 7050-T7451 for all the mold cavity work.
Also use copper alloy and 400 series stainless steel for pinch inlays areas.



"We have the capabilities to make your visions come to pass”
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